“TILES” | “CAHLE” – Art Exhibition

Bistrita-Nasaud Museum Complex
Sângeorz-Băi Museum of Comparative Art

The author Cristi Diaconescu invites you to the opening of the exhibition “CAHLE” and to the opening of the painting exhibition “Libertatea canarului”, Saturday, August 15, at 6 pm at the Museum of Comparative Art Sângeorz-Băi, 68 Republicii Street.
Period: August 15 – August 29

Fire from time immemorial close to man, friend and foe alike. He was once brought into the house, protected by burning clay plates still called tiles. The warmth, the well-being gathered in sufficient thicknesses have always accompanied them ever since. I saw stylized motifs everywhere. The tree of life, the cross, the sun, the bird, the knight, the crown, everything else. At present, it has become rather the link between our times and the past, an evocation of ideal (idealized) states, almost incomprehensible to the context in which we live. Today, Cahla, for the most part, has lost its utilitarian role, becoming rather the source of inspiration, an expression of artistic manifestations.

The Sângeorz-Băi Museum of Comparative Art in collaboration with the Karo Galleries proposed a number of 24 painters, sculptors and graphic artists to interpret the theme according to their own vision, without conditioning related to technique, materials or anything else. The only restriction given the size, works no larger than 40 × 30 centimeters.

A number of authentic tiles, hundreds of years old for a better coverage, were brought from private collections but also from the collection of the Bistrița-Năsăud Museum Complex. They will also be exhibited, certainly the dialogue between generations, popular craftsman – contemporary artist very suitable for the place, himself dedicated to comparative art.

Exhibited by Eugen Alupopanu, Dragoș Burlacu, Ioan Burlacu, Ilie Boca, Marius Craiță-Mândră, Florina Coulin, Emil Cassian Dumitraș, Maxim Dumitraș, Paul Gherasim, Ion Grigorescu, Bogdan Hojbota, Mirela Iordache, Geanina Ivu, Matei Lăzărescu, Marcel Lup Macovei, Christian Paraschiv, Ovidiu Petca, Sorin Purcaru, Luminița Radu, Bianca Rotaru, Mihai Sârbulescu, Constantin Tinteanu.

Curator Constantin Țînteanu