ET IN VENEZIA EGO – Painting Exhibition

Thursday, April 18, starting at 18:00, the Concentric Art Gallery invites you to the opening of the personal exhibition of paintings and drawings “ET IN VENEZIA EGO” by the artist Marcel Lupse.

“Venice, at twilight, emanates an unprecedented light elsewhere, for here the spark of heaven unites with the sparkle of water, that is, two infinities merge in the miraculous eyes of our human constraint. All the fame of the world is mirrored in this wonderful city, where it does not just follow the steps of Vivaldi or Mozart, Ezra Pound or Stravinski, but also the shadow of Petru Cercel, Vasile Alecsandri or Nicolae Iorga. Above all, this light, Eminescu eternally in the form of the moon that “penetrates the blur of the partisans,” also attracted the painters. Among them, Master Marcel Lupse comes with his unmistakable clues, with a breath fed to the Carpathians, and leads the Dogs’ Fortress to immortality. As long as there are such enemies of the perishable, as the Romanian transylvanian artist mentioned, Venice does not dive into the waters, but on the contrary it embraces heaven. ”
Ioan Aurel Pop