“The Tower Clock” wants to certify that the time lived is fragmented in moments, and the space lived is delimited in places. The place is for the artist (whatever he may be) an ordered space, an ordered space of subjective landmarks, measured by concrete senses and integrated into a system of knowledge. “Clock of the Tower” helps you understand your lived moment and take the time when you are an actor of your own being. As an artist, but also as a man, you have the chance, and maybe the duty, to become aware of the excess of presence from a landscape. Bistrita, with all its modeling landscape, is a sensitive space that you should start to see, feel with all the capabilities you are engaged in a search and meeting adventure.

Historical symbolism and geographic symbolism that provides the predispositions of the place to formulate in terms of power come under the artist’s eye under the unseemly occult of forgetfulness. It is sought after the place, the ritual place, the community place, the wild place. They function in a dynamic landscape, in a perpetual breathing marked by itinerary.

Between October 14 and October 22, 2017, a group of artists are looking to reveal this genius of the place and transfigure it into opera.

These artists are: Horea Paştina, Mihai Sârbulescu, Cristian Dţoiu, Marian Dobre, Valentin Scărlătescu, Alexandru Antonescu, George Mircea, Emilia Pop, Sever Moldovan, Radu Serban, Andrei Campan, Crina Antonescu, Teodor Ştefan, Mariana Moldovan, Miron Duca, Marcel Lupşe.

“The Chronology of the Tower” proposes to everyone not an artistic “fleeing into the world”, but rather a contemplative experience of “poetic shelter” under the wall and the protection of the wall of the city.

The stylistic sensitivity of each of the artists has imposed appropriate technical means for addressing this issue, which refers to the Blessed Town – Bistrita. Absolute freedom, but also “command”, quick notation of a compositional idea, but also formal intuition, the safety of “writing” by drawing lines or tones, everything obeys the general sense of the subject and of the theme.

What will be seen at this stage of the documentary, an OROLOGERY, will be shown on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at 17.00 at the “CONCENTRIC” Art Gallery (Central Square, 13) in the exhibition “OROLOGIU DIN TURN”.

Exhibition artists will take part in the opening. The curator of this event is the art critic OLIV MIRCEA.

The amphitheater of the CONCENTRIC GALLERY is MARIN ECEDI.

The event is supported by Bistrita City Hall, Bistrita Local Council and Bistrita Municipal Cultural Center.

Photos courtesy of CONCENTRIC GALLERY.