Ment. viagra without a doctor prescription Option c is not the best response. Hrct shows normal-appearing non- or underpneumatized petrous apex compared with the opposite side without any abnormal density, bony expansion, or trabecular erosion [2]. buy cheap viagra The best response is option d. Previous section next section solution to question 3 unlike cephaloceles in other locations, petrous apex cephaloceles do not contain any brain tissue. Petrous apex cephaloceles also do not contain heterotopic glial tissue. Options a and b are not the best responses. Instead, meckel cave intrudes into the petrous apex [3]. viagra 20mg bayer rezeptfrei The best response is option c. The fifth cranial nerve, not the sixth cranial nerve, courses through the meckel cave. buy viagra canada The sixth cranial nerve courses superior to the meckel cave and does not herniate into the petrous apex cephalocele. Option d is also not the best response. Previous section next section solution to question 4 radiofrequency overflow artifact occurs when too much signal is received by the scanner from the patient to be accurately digitized by the analog-to-digital converter resulting in nonuniform, washed-out appearance of an image [4]. Option a is not the best response. buy viagra without prescription Unlike frequency encoding, phase encoding takes a much longer time. get viagra online prescription Any motion during phase encoding causes phase-encoded motion artifacts, which appear as linear bright noise or repeating intensities oriented in the phase direction across the entire field of view (fov). best price for viagra online These artifacts are frequently seen from arterial pulsations. viagra street price In a big aneurysm, increased blood flow commonly produces phase-encoded motion artifacts [5, 6]. Option b is the best response. viagra health canada Aliasing artifact, also known as wrap-around ghosting artifact, is a common mri artifact that occurs if the imaging fov is smaller than the body part being imaged [6]. It does not help in aneurysm diagnosis. viagra health canada Option c is not the best response. Zipper artifact has various causes including problems with mri hardware or software. Zipper artifact appears as a region of increased noise throughout the image series as a result of a release of electromagnetic energy in the magnet room. order viagra online Unlike phase-encoded motion artifact, zipper artifact occurs in the frequency-encoding direction and can be multiple [6]. buy generic viagra online This artifact does not help to diagnose an aneurysm. Option d is not the best.


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